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The HEADON.CAMP | Gaming Esport Bootcamp

offers you a sophisticated ambiance exclusively with high-quality equipment


In our bootcamp you only find high-quality equipment. PCs from XMG and 240hz monitors from ZOWIE.


Our bootcamp is only 15 minutes away from the frankfurt airport, which is the biggest in germany.


Near by the bootcamp are many restaurants with culinary delicacies.


Two separate internet-connections with 100mb down and 40mb up each.


All games are pre-installed on the PCs when you arrive.


Both gaming-rooms have an AC.

HEADON.CAMP – Practice like a Champ!

The E-Sport in germany grows from day to day and is getting more and more important. Teams from games like Fortnite, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fifa etc. are practicing hard to show their presence in national and international tournaments to gain a title and the high salary that comes with it.

Here the HEADON.CAMP Esport Bootcamp comes into play. We’re offering you a bootcamp where every detail ensures you the best experience possible. High-quality equipment, for example the 240hz monitors from ZOWIE and the Sector 2 PCs from XMG are bringing you an extremely fluent gaming experience in this combination. Because of the height adjustable tables it is possible to get to your perfect sitting position and on the comfortable S300 chairs from Nitro Concepts you can power through your hour long training sessions with ease. The internet connection with 2 separate cables, 100mb down 40mb up and the frankfurter server centers right around the corner makes every gamers heart beat faster.

The bootcamp is not only suitable for professional esport teams, but also perfect for LAN-parties and birthdays.

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